Custom Label Bottled Water Dallas, Texas



Hydrate your brand. Yes, that’s exactly what we do. Logo-H2o is not an ordinary bottled water company. We are design driven custom made bottled water branding solution experts!

We bring your vision to reality by creating your own brand of bottled water. Every bottle we produce is a unique and effective marking tool precisely geared towards your target audience. We help build your brand, get your message out and hydrate your customers all at the same time.

Water is the best thing for you, and it is the most important resource on the planet. It symbolically represents many things; purity, healing, life, energy, wisdom and even happiness. Connecting your brand with water is a very exciting and refreshing way to build a relationship with your audience. In a healthy driven environment your company can show how much it truly cares, while also being creative with your branding.

Marketing must be unique, different, catchy, enjoyable and easy to understand. Logo-H2o accomplishes all of this and will help set you apart from a crowded market. One of the best reasons to consider Private Label bottled water is its method of advertisement. It is literally a mobile form of marketing. When we look back over 100 years ago at Coke-Cola’s rise in the American culture we can see how effective a single bottle can have on consumers. At the start, Coke-Cola had many different shapes of bottles that were being sold. There was a wide range of bottlers throughout the United States, all using many different bottle shapes. They finally decided the beverage needed a distinctive bottle, and in 1916, the company created that unique glass bottle that we all can picture today. A one-of-a-kind contour shaped bottle, with its white logo popping out of its red background, has now become symbolically recognized everywhere. At the time, the new Coca‑Cola bottle was so distinctive it was said, “It could be recognized in the dark” and was also known as “The Shape of the Century.” It effectively set the brand apart from the rest, created a life of its own, and later became the most recognizable brand in the world.


Not only did Coke-Cola’s beverage take on a life of its own, but so did its bottle and logo. While the taste of the beverage gained in popularity, the mobile form of marketing spread through the American culture and eventually the World. This is precisely why you see so many beverage companies developing the perfect label for their bottles. It is a free form of mobile advertisement. Imaging your customers walking out with your branded bottled water. Some even believe bottled water has now become a statement and recently more and more restaurants have been offering high-end brands of bottled water to their customers. At Logo-H2o we have a different approach for restaurants, and want to develop their own brand of bottled water to offer. Do you want to advertise Catering? Specials? Coupons? Or even partner with a Local-Charity, and have 5, 10 or 20 cents donated per bottle? We can accomplish all of this at Logo-H2o.

While most beverages have been on a decline, bottled water is on its way to becoming the drink of choice. Now is the time when people want to feel better, look better, and live much healthier lives. Is your company in the Medical, Health, Healing or Wellness business? The pursuit for your patients to live a healthy life is the #1 priority. Your appearance should shows this. Private label bottled water is a bold statement that broadcast your companies true value of its patients. Hospitals, Chiropractic’s, Re-Hab Clinic, Spas and more, all fit into this category. Your health minded pursuit is shown exceptionally thoughtful through Private label bottled water.

The cost compared to other forms of advertisement is another great reason to use Logo-H2o for your next marketing campaign. Strategy is important and you would be accomplishing two obstacles at once. You can satisfy with a refreshing healthy drink while promoting your message or brand under the same expense. Also, retaining memory helps when it is in a form of happiness and joy. At many times there is nothing better than a cold drink of pure water on a hot summer day.

“Hydrate Your Brand” is what we do, and Attention to Detail is how we’re doing it. This is our mission. This is what pushes us. This is what challenges us. This is what Logo-H2o strives to accomplish in every single relationship. We believe we are a very privileged company. We get to design, we get to create, and we get to produce high quality h2o. We offer something that is consistently pure, yet completely unique. Let us create a product you will truly love. Thank you for visiting our website. Questions? Comments?